Took my son fishing last night....

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My 18 year old son graduated from High School a couple of weeks ago. He has always been a really busy guy between school, life guarding, and training for track, Cross county or triathalons. Last night our schedules meshed where we could fish for awhile in the evening.

Took him to my favorite spot along the Rock River. He caught 9 nice smallies and I caught 15. All were released to be caught another day. He had a nice 3 + pounder on but lost it in the rocks. The rest were all 10-15"

Great evening...we are going to do it again soon. There is still nothing better than watching the grin on your kid's face when he hooks into a nice fish....

Find the time and take your kids fishing no matter how old they are. It was the best evening I have had in months.


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    I'll second that motion !
    Good job, keep up the good work. Nice way to keep in touch with your teenager.

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    well it sounds like you both had fun
    I am taking my sister son to the lake tomorrow morning
    If I can get him catching hybreds he will be hooked for life.
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    ...kids are great, no matter how old they get.
    Man, you got the number of those smallies William!

    Sounds like all concerned had a great time...[;)]


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