Trolling Motor Question

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I am going to buy a new Crestliner 14 foot wide jon boat, and I am wondering about a trolling motor. Thinking of getting a Minn Kota that is a 24 volt with 80 pounds of thrust. Is that too much...not enough...just right? I don't really know. Some of the smaller lakes require electric motors only. That's why i'm thinking of something bigger, but I don't really know...just guessing. Any advice one way or the other would be appreciated. Oh ya. There will be 3 people in the boat most times, my 11 year old daughter, my wife, and myself. Probnably between 4 and 500 pounds in all with equipment and everything. if that info helps any. Thanks again.


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    Is this motor strong enough for a 14' Jon boat?

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    14' wide is a heck of a big boat! [:D]
    As for trolling motors it is hard to get one that is too big. They are all adjustable in thrust and you don't have to or want to run them at MAX for long. Your batteries will not hold out. MinnKota makes a good one. Seem to be my preference. I have also used motor guide. They work, but seem slow.
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