Fishing Today

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Not a lot of luck. Took niece Ashley fishing. She caught nothing and I caught one. We struck out completely at the first pond we tried in the boat.


Then, at another pond, I caught this one on my second cast from the bank.


Ashley holding fish. She likes to clean them better than she likes to fish. Strange, but handy.[:D]


Big mouth. It also had someone's plastic lizard in its gullet.


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    Hey NUNN, if it was a colored lizard with legs and a tail...that's MY fish...[:D] Tell Ashley her time is comming...she'll catch plenty.
    GOOD for her that she likes to fish, er clean them anyway. How in the world is there room in that boat with YOU in it, for 2 people?[:D] Your a pretty big 'ol boy...and I used to have a boat just like yours...you had to be real friendly with whoever else was in it...and CAREFUL...[:D]

    Hmmm, farm ponds, uh...my favorite fishing holes...hmmm[:D]
    Glad to see you fishing again!

    ...Ya need something to relieve the stress cramps in your fingers from writting all them tickets...[:0][:D]


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    nice fish there nunn
    ya find that it is addicting to go fishing
    now if I could just get my wife to clean a fish[:D]
    she loves to catch them but I have only got her to watch me clean them once
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    Nice fish !!!
    I have not been able to catch any, but I don't get to go much either.
    Keep going, and have a lot of fun.

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    Hey Ninn great looking fish glade ya'll had a good time.

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    Nice looking bass David....
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