Weapons Of Mass Destrution FOUND! Ha HA!

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Today, a report was released...that showed a cache of Serin (spell ck) and mustard gas...were found in large quanities! Military says this may just be the tip of the ice berg! So boo hoo...ther goes the DIMS talking point of "no weapons of mass destrutions were found".

I guess The old drunkard , bloated Kennedy, Shri-Hillary, Franken Kerry...and other Dims that called, & said 'BUSH LIED!" will rush to the media, and Sunday Lefty News Shows to apologize, and admit they were fools and were wrong? Yeah Right![xx(]

And yes, mustard gas, Serin gas, and other chemical weapons ARE listed/considered WMDS.

HA HA HA hA hA! Most normal people knew Sadman most likely sent tons of various types of WMD's to Syria prior to out invaision, and knew the motherbleener had WMD'S. Besides, that talking point was BS anyway because the resolution listed WMD;s as just ONE of the reasons we went to kick Sadmans *.

I guess the Dims will "invent" some pther susposed lie now...[:D]

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