Old flyrod restoration

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Can anybody tell me how to refinish an old Orvis fiberglass flyrod? I know how to do the wraps and guides and all that, but I am not sure how to do the blank. It is a painted blank and would like to repaint it. Just not sure how. Anybody have any ideas, or know somebody that does that sort of thing professionally?


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    like your username[8D]...[:D]hadjii quote:I know how to do the wraps and guides and all that

    Wish I did.[;)] Tried building a rod probably 20 years ago. Looked great...but was like using a baseball bat![:0] Yyou could hold the tip...and w/the reel ON, there was maybe a 2" bend in the whole rod[:D][:D] talking about a HVY!!

    In the middle of a SEVERS thunderstorm (young & dumber then) hail, a TORNADO 1/4 mile down the lake we SAW...I caught a 7 1/2 pounder....when I set the hook, my "baseball bat" rod, did somethimg to my wrist, hurt like hell. Took off my reel, and threw my "rod" in the lake. I had NO strength in my wrist!

    I was leaving to fish a lake in Mexico, WAY in Mexico the next week. I was bummed, how to set the hook a few hundred times a day with a wrist that hurt, and had no strength? Bummed I tell you. It got a little better, cought hundreds of bass a day in Mexico, my freakin wrist hurt the whole time, but no big deal, I couldn't let it be.
    Never built another rod...[:D]


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