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What is the best style of crawfish trap. At the local fishing store I have found the round barrel/cone looking ones that have two entry holes, one on each end. The other is a box style trap, which has one large entrance?


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    ...don't know about a trap for 'em. One time a friend of mine talked me into buying some for bait once. Well, did not have anything to put them in, so bought a minnow bucket and put a little water in the bottom of it.

    W-e-l-l I found out real quick that if you stick a minnow dip net down into the bucket to try and get one...you pull out half a freakin dozen!...then they start fallen off and crawling all around in the boat with their little pinchie things up and open in little ninja "get your *" look in their liitle poken out eyes....screw that. Then when you try to pick them up to throw them back in the bucket....they have their little open pinchers at the ready turnin, following your every move, watchin, waiting patiently to pinch your *...[:D]

    Crawfish are just one of the reasons there are lures to bash fish with...[^]


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    Always caught them in hte spring runs by dropping a 1lb dive weight with a chicken part attached. Pull 'em off every 30 min or so.
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    I used to catch them in the south end of Lake Tahoe with my fingers...40 ft. down with tanks. plastic 5 gal bucket with a screen on it. and a door cut in the screen. Best crawfish hunting I ever had.
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