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Fishing item collectors-?

alledanalledan Member Posts: 19,541
edited July 2006 in The Fishing Hole!
What is the most collectable reel you could get?


  • rmckuinrmckuin Member Posts: 142 ✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    There are several very collectible reels of course. There is a particular group referred to as "Kentucky Reels!" It refers to a particular style as much as it does the location they come from. Some of the more popular names are Meek, BF Meek & Sons, Milam, Meek & Milam, Talbot (From Missouri), Winchesters and many, many others. These are all bait casters.

    There are many other styles of reels that are desirable: Older Fly Reels, the older Indiania styles that may be several inches in diameter.

    Anyway, this is a short bit of info. Lots of websites with more information. Check out the ORCA website (Old Reel Collectors Assoc.)

    If you have found a particular reel or other fishing related items that you would like me to help you identify, just let me know. I am glad to help in anyway I can. Good luck.
  • alledanalledan Member Posts: 19,541
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    I was wondering about this because I notice a growing demand for the Shakepeare Wondereels mods. 1800,1810 and 1820 ef, dk, etc. etc.
  • COLTCOLT Member Posts: 12,637 ******
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    ...Hey rmckuin...ELABORATE![^]

    I am sure several people around here would appreciate you sharing MORE about old reels; or old baits.[:p]

    Man, never heard of the reels you mentioned.
    I have one old reel that is a common one, scroll work around the edges, handle...w/some of the old line still on it...pretty cool dust collector.

    If I was to start collecting, it would be old baits for sure.
    I look up, and at old baits a lot. LOTS of great looking old baits that have not been made in years; maybe the production got too costly...because there are some really great baits that do catch fish with a proven track record...that just aren't produced any longer, shame...[;)]


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