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Antique Fishing Lures

rmckuinrmckuin Member Posts: 142 ✭✭✭
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Here is a picture of my Heddon Model #150 Underwater Minnow collection. These are some of the most desirable/collectible lures around. These are all wooden and have the earlier glass eyes. The one displayed in the box near the bottom of the picture is from around the 1912-15 time period. Lures are hard to find from that time period--cardboard boxes are really hard to find!!

Most people assume that these are topwater lures, but they are not!! These lures are underwater baits and are weighted to make them sink! Another reason these are hard to find--they sink and have 5 treble hooks!!! No wonder many do not exist today--they are hung-up on the bottom of the lakes around the country!! Some have told me that a lure of this type would be illegal in some parts of the world because they have 15 hooks. They are not outlawed here in Missouri.

Later models in the 1950's, have painted eyes rather than the more desirable glass eyes.

Always looking to buy more of these. Let me know what you have for sale and thanks for looking. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.



  • COLTCOLT Member Posts: 12,637 ******
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    ...those are really nice...all a fish has to do is get close, and he's in trouble! Very nice. I have a collection of "one" ols bait[:D]
    I found it the other day poking has some kind of lead weight on the butt end, and the hook on the butt is larger than the only other one in the middle. It has a name on it, but can't make it all out "Devil something, then I cant read it. It has some teeth marks on it, so I guess it worked! Ought to change the hardware, hook hangers and hooks on it...and take it fishing!...I don't think it is that old, so probably would be no loss...[;)]

    Bottom with eyes



  • rmckuinrmckuin Member Posts: 142 ✭✭✭
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    Your lure is by Smithwick Company. It looks like a "Devil's Horse". They are very good top water baits. Most of their line does have a propeller on the front and the rear, but they did make some without props and the weighted rear end.

    Thanks for looking and the kind words.
  • shoff14shoff14 Member Posts: 11,994 ✭✭✭
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    Pretty cool how several generations could have used those lures.
  • COLTCOLT Member Posts: 12,637 ******
    edited November -1
    ...See guys, I told you he had some really neat baits....and this is just a tiny amount of his collection!...[;)]


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