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daughter almost got her first bass

iwannausernameiwannausername Member Posts: 7,131
edited October 2006 in The Fishing Hole!
Went fishing yesterday with my 6 y/o daughter at the same pond I fished at and then moved to and grew up on. Not a first - we go every few weeks to either that pond or a boat ramp on a local river. We usually catch a few bluegills and the occasional golden shiner, but yesterday was different.

Sitting on the end of the dock, she gets a small (3") 'gill on the line. And then her bobber completely disappears in a big swirl. She fought it for a few minutes, then I took over to guide it over to the edge to get it out - I even had the digital camera ready.

Unfortunately the bass hadn't swallowed the 'gill but was holding it in its mouth, and spit it out. Reel it up, unhook and toss back in, and *bam* another big swirl...

Pond record is a 14lb 13oz monster, and I get at least one between 8 and 10 every year. Catch and release only. She can't wait to go back.
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