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Anyone in the Florida Panhandle?

catchtwotwocatchtwotwo Member Posts: 7 ✭✭
edited January 2008 in The Fishing Hole!
Hi all,
i have been a member on GB for a number of years, but have used the forums very little. I do not hunt, but love to fish, and since the bridge in Gulf Breeze was destroyed in Hurrcane Ivan, I have had no where to do any Bay fishing, and wondered if anyone here might be from or have been in the Pensacola - Milton, FL area and know of some good public fishing areas? Preferably the areas where you don't need a license, like briges and piers, but it really is not proble, I think the license was only about $15 last time I bought one. I don't care much for lake fishing, I like to fish mostly for red, snapper, amberjack, and sometimes for mullet, yes I can catch em on a pole, it is tricky though, you got to be real quick. An old man taught me how to do it when I was young, down on the Oyster Shell Pile in Bagdad, just right by Galt City(not a real incorporated city - just a comunity nickname) and Milton, FL.
So I am open to any good tips and places to try in the area, I don't generally travel too far, so I am looking for somewhere within 60 miles round-trip from Milton, FL (or 30 miles one-way).

Thanks a bunch,
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