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mnmoosemnmoose Member Posts: 14 ✭✭
edited January 2008 in The Fishing Hole!
It's not easy finding a woman to bait her own hook and if you do she is a keeper. Up here in Minnesota if she puts on her own leach you make sure you treat her fine because you don't want to lose that one for sure
A little trick to help the ladies get over that slimy - wiggly feeling they don't like and for yourself to hook a leach in the proper place so it looks like its swimming rather than a balled up hunk of meat is the following.
Before you leave for your next fishing trip go and get a cup of dry sand and make sure you have a little minnow dipper before you leave in your boat. When you or her are ready to put a leach on your hook (since they don't like to touch the slimy blood sucking things), use that little minnow dipper and catch the one you like the most and put it in the cup or bowl of sand. Using the handle roll it around in the sand to get it all coated with the sand. Now you can grab it and it will not slim out of your grip and you can hook it exactly where you want it, (right up there in the mouth/ head region) When you throw it in the water the sand just falls right off and while it is up at the top of the water you can see the good natural looking action of your bait that was hooked properly.
If you liked this tip - please post a thank you and I will try to think of more to post
Pat from Minnesota
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