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What's your walleye rig?

jonkjonk Member Posts: 10,121
edited July 2008 in The Fishing Hole!
Lake Erie Walleye are pretty dumb. I usually drift for them. Or cast, as the case may be. Usually not as productive as trolling but with gas what it has been...

Anyhow, early in the year I use forward weight spinners tipped with night crawlers. As the weather gets warmer, I switch to worm harnesses with a small spinner and light weight about 10" forward of the hooks.

I also will occasionally drag a spoon right along the bottom.

For poles- I've used about everything. You can use 2 poles at once legally, so normally I have a medium weight spinning reel to cast with on about a 7" pole, with 10 lb line. I also put an old steel pole and open face reel over the side as a 'meathook' and often catch catfish on it as well. I've even used some zebco 33s on calm days. You want a fight, tie into a 30" walleye on a zebco and 5" pole!

I've never fished for 'em in inland lakes or streams... tell me what you all use. [:)]


  • westernMDhunterwesternMDhunter Member Posts: 2,936 ✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    1/2 oz. to 3/4 oz. jig tipped with a nice fathead minnow, prefer Chartreuse or Neon Red colored jigheads. Countdown Rapala's in Perch or Baby Bass color those are what I mainly use in the Potomac River here.
  • crowbeanercrowbeaner Member Posts: 40 ✭✭
    edited November -1
    We've been catching them on black or purple bucktail jigs with nightcrawlers, and drifting a Dixie spinner with a trailer hook and crawlers. We went out last weekend and threw Erie Dearies and everything in the box; the only one we got was on the 3 way rig and the Dixie spinner. Maybe those Erie 'eyes aren't as fished over as the Oneida Lake ones are.
  • crowbeanercrowbeaner Member Posts: 40 ✭✭
    edited November -1
    Update on the walleyes; we got 2 this morning and 1 jack perch on purple bucktails and crawlers. One was 21" and the other was 18". Of course I caught the small one and the perch. They'll eat good!
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