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Went to the Ocean yesterday afternoon..[email protected] Member Posts: 3,804
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After having stopped by this Forum the otherday...I've been rolling Surf Fishing around in my mind....So....when the Wife got home from the Shop I sweet talked Her into Loading up a Picnic Basket and Me. Loading It and Me into the Explorer and Point the Nose West to the Ocean at the Foot of the Runway at LAX...between Marina Del Rey and Redondo Beach..Normally cost a couple of Bucks for Parking, but for some reason there was No One at the Entrance or Exit to be seen...Broke out the Picnic Basket and got ready to see if anyone was going to go Surf Fishing....Had'nt finished my Glass of Hang Town Red...Vintage of 1995... when a Gentleman about My Age, accompanied by His Lady, wheeled into the Parking Lot...Bailed out with Back Pack and a Bait Bucket.. Two Rods and Reels....Just the Guy I was looking For...Offered Him a Glass of Wine and asked if I might Tag along and Watch Him Fish?..Negotiated a Deal with Him and away We went..Him Carrying His Two Separated Rods and Bait and Me carrying the Back Back and a Full Bottle of 'Moon Bean McSwines Elixzir' just in case one of us happened to get 'Sea Snake Bit'! A Hunk of unpronounceable Swiss Cheese and a couple of hand full of French Bread...We met the Wifes down the Beach about a Mile towards Manhatten Beach,,Five Fish in the Wet Gunny Sack and all equipment intact...I cleaned the Fish...was envited to Come to His House for a Fish Dinner...Learned something about the Sport and made a New Friend...And to Top it all Off...He's a retired Airforce Doctor...An Antique Firearms Collector, and a Member of the Forums....He liked to fell outta His Chair when He learned that His Guest was non other than the Good Capitan Kirk in person and at His Table...Needless to say it was a Great Afternoon and Evening...and its all This Forums Fault....Thanks Guys....It don't get any better than this....Bought Myself some Surf Fishing Gear down in Long Beach this Morning...Had My New Friend along to Guide Me...Sunday Morning We're going Surf Fishing.....!
As for the Five Fish We had yesterday...Four Surf Perch and one Large Ray..I'd figure it weighed in at about 15 pounds...His Wife likes Ray...The one She cooked last night was Vietnamese Style..What an Idiot I've been all these years....Normally I'd just toss it back into the Pond...That won't happen anymore...Thanks to the Moderator of this Forum for allowing Me to Ramble on.....Best......


  • elkoholicelkoholic Member Posts: 5,130
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    That is a fantastic story. Thanks for sharing capt.
  •[email protected] Member Posts: 3,804
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    Just walked thru the door...Got a Sun Burned Schnoze and 1/2 dozen Surf Perch...The Colonel got 9 Fish...Another Ray...a Flounder and a small Shark and a couple of Surf Perch of mixed Varity...Can't believe how fast the time went The Perch were 1 pounders...The Shark 6 to 8 Pounds the Flounder was about 2 lbs.
    I had one Strike that broke My Line....I was trying to Mustle the Critter to Shore...Doc thinks it was a Bigger Shark...? I'll try again next week...

    Lew...! How You doing Lad? Howz the Son Doing? Got another Book for the Lad...Lost Your Address...You'll have to resend...Send it via GB.Con email.....Shower and Nap time for this old man......Best.......Kirk
  • kimikimi Member Posts: 44,741 ✭✭✭
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    Great story Capt. I've met some great people while fishing, myself. One being a retired Navy man, PO1, gold panner extoradinaire down in San Diego near RTR, to the most well to do gypsies one could ever imagine in the south of France. Fishing like firearms is good for the soul and company too.
    What's next?
  • elkoholicelkoholic Member Posts: 5,130
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  • mousemouse Member Posts: 3,624
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    Great story. Good decriptions. I didn't know ray was good to eat
    either. Have never ocean surf fished. Went out once in florida
    on the Black Dog charter for my brother James 40th birthday. Wow. We caught
    40 lbs of filet fish. Mostly yellow fin. Landlocked in Nebraska,
    thanks for the story...could almost smell the ocean breeze.[:)]

    I hadn't fished since florida trip, till my brother got me out
    on a little jon boat on a small lake, for a beautiful day.
    Didn't catch anything, but some great peace. Enjoyed the day
    with my brother Mickey who was just diagnosed with liver cancer.
    He's on a transplant list. He is one great fisherman thou.
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