Whats your favorite Striped Bass Rig?

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I fish a lot of Stripers here in Cali and would like to know what rigs people are using...

Our fish get pounded really hard by fisherman and general boat traffic....

Right now my favorite setup is a white swimbait or a spoon/fluke casted into the boils....


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    Here in NC we use 2/3lb gizzard shad live.
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    We don't have pure stripers here at the lake but we have lots of whites and hybrids. I like fishing for them under the shad balls with a jigging spoon. If you have lots of pressure you might give that a try. Look for them on your locator and them spoon feed them. I use an older X-15 Lowarance and I can see the spoon on the drop and put right in front of the fish. Make sure to keep a good grip on your rod as they usually hit it on the drop.It also helps to watch your line look for something diffrent.When you pop the spoon follow it down with the rod. Make sure that you have super sharp hooks and if fishing deep 30 plus feet make sure to set the hook again on the way up mono stretches.

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    I caught 28 stripers on Tuesday in about four hours using half Anchovies at Silverwood Lake on ice cream Point.

    I use a sliding sinker with a 1/0 offset shank worm hook, dont use cheap hooks! Put the hook through the body and back through or those meanies will strip your bait all day long.

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    Good fishing Mark, I really liked fishing at Silverwood.
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    yes Mark, I moved out of the hell hole they call the San Bernardino Valley back to the Midwest. I fished up there quite a bit, should have went more but I was stuck on fishing Paris.
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    I do a little different type of striper fishing DSC00448.jpg, but the fish is the same.
    Stripers will hit damned near anything, but soft shad paddle-tails, bucktail jigs with pork rinds, and large,trolled crankbaits rule around here. When the cows move down from up north, we fish the ocean using 2-lb+ mojos with 9"-12" plastic bodies (Often trailing really big feathered spoons 12-16 feet behind them), wire line bucktails behind just enough lead to keep the line on bottom, and troll Stretch 30's.
    Eels are right behind those artificials, but they're a PITA to rig, and they limit you to sitting and waiting, or trolling so slow that you can watch the seasons change.
    I've bought a bunch of muskie-sized spinner baits (Dick's just stocked them) and intend to wear them out casting on the rocks of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel this season. The numbers look good this year, thanks to miserable weather all last winter and Washington's restrictions on commercial baitfish harvesting, so we're looking forward to a great season here on the East coast.
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