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Home town's Veterans Project

remingtonoaksremingtonoaks Member Posts: 27,192
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My home town and the one I still reside in has sponsored the most amazing program called "the Veterans program", please check it out (I've included a link to it). It has three parts to it. The first called the "Veterans list", lists all Veterans in the city, whether living or deceased. The second, called "the Veterans head stone project", It has a photo of all the deceased Veterans head stones that have their final resting place in the city. The third call "Veterans Bios", Is still in progress that gives a Short Biography on all the Veterans lives in the city whether living or deceased....All of which can be viewed on the cities web site.

I mention this here only because I think it is yet another way that we can honor our Men and Women that has gave so much to preserve our freedom and way of life. I encourage all to ask their city manager in their town to start a program that is modeled after this one... And to also tell their friends and family that live in other cities to look at it and encourage their cities to do the same..

I happened on the site by accident a few weeks ago. And especially like the head stone project. There have been times when I was out of the area, and unable to visit my parents final resting place especially on their B-days, Memorial and Veterans Day and have felt deprived in not being able to do so. But know I can get on the net and at least see their head stone..

Please visit the link and tell me what you think, and if you would like to see this vision included by all cities/towns and counties to start their own project modeled after this on

I Called my city manager Friday, and left a voice mail asking him how this project was formed, and he e-mailed me all the information as to all the particulars of how it was created..The e-mail follows..

Thank you for the voice mail. The veterans project is spearheaded by the Orem Heritage Commission a group of volunteers who organize a Memorial Day program, Veterans Day program, plus work with the American Legion to take a patriotic program each year to each junior and high school. The Heritage Commission is organized under the direction of the City Council. Members serve for four years. Most members are veterans or have strong military ties. The oral histories that are on our web site are from the work headed up by Don Norton, a retired BYU professor. Don served on the commission a few years ago and helped get this project off the ground. Don's contact information is on the web site. The headstone pictures came from an Eagle Scout project. The Commission was also responsible for the Veterans Memorial at the City cemetery 1550 North 800 East. The City funded the memorial with the Commission overseeing the design and City staff monitored the construction. If you have time on Saturday, November 8 at 9:00 AM come on over to our Veterans Program. The guest speaker is Reece Stein better known for his work on Channel 2 News as an outdoor reporter. He is lesser known for his work with the National Guard. There will be a Paladin on display from the Spanish Fork Armory. Thank you for your interest. Richard B. Manning
Administrative Services DirectorCity of Orem
56 North State Street
Orem, UT 84057

I hope you all feel as strongly as I do of the importance that this project shouldn't be just in my home town and should be apart of every town in the United States...The link to it follows. on this page there is a blue box that has listing of several services, you will find a listing for the Veterans project. Click on it and there will be a drop down window that lists the three sub-projects you can navigate to. Thank you for any and all interest and help you can give in making this a Nation wide reality
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