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use old gear when fishing? I often use a baitcaster real that is 70 years old for perch fishing or drift fishing, on a steel pole. It works just as well as any newer rig. Not great for casting though. For that I use a spinning reel or zebco, neither of which is NEW but neither of which I'd call old either.

I ask because it seems some of the yuppies show up with new reels and poles every year. [xx(]


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    For the most part, I use older rods & reels. I have a couple of really nice Penn reels I have had since I was younger, that would probaly make you think I was a yuppee.[:D] They have all bearings in them and I keep them oiled well and wipe the reels down quite often. I was taught very well to take care of my equipment and cherish it, so even a lot of the older things I own look very "new". Now look at my baits on the other hand and you will see old wooden handmade toppers(musky/northern) or beatlespins(bass/northern) with teethmarks, missing tails, etc. I get new lures from the relatives from time to time, but I have a hard time ditching the stuff I have had luck with.

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    Most of my stuff is older than the guys I fish with, but far from being real old.
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    Glad to hear that you guys use the "old" stuff to fish. I am a collector of the older fishing tackle--lures, rods and reels--and I also enjoy fishing with the old stuff.

    One of my favorite outfits is an old Heddon Pal rod & reel outfit. If yu haven't seen one, the rod is steel but is painted to look like the older Bamboo. Can't cast as well as with the new outfits, but it is a blast!

    There is a fishing tournament here in Missouri, that only allow the older equipment. Sounds like fun!
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    I use my dads older arti bait. Mostly made in the 60s 70s and 80s.
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