Johnson 115 HP 4 stroke "Bomider"

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Looking seriously at a pontoon boat that has this motor on it. Mfg. in Dec. 2004. Don't know much about these and would appreciate any input you might be able to offer. Thanks


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    My former boss (he retired) had a 2004 Johnson 115 on his fishing boat. The only issue he had with it was when new the key switch in the dash shorted occasionally. Once that was replaced, he loved the motor. Real nice.

    Also a friend has a 2004 9.9 4 stroke kicker on his Ranger 620VS. Different class of motor, but still a nice unit.
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    Depends on how much they are asking and the hours/ maint etc.
    Solid manufacturer. Good reputation.
    Four stroke is going to be slower out of the hole but better fuel economy, less smoke, quieter, and generally everything you'd want for a pontoon. (unless you're planning on racing it)[:)]

    If it was made in Dec 04, it probably didn't see any use until 05. So it should only have three seasons on it. New will run you about 8 grand.

    Johnson, Evenrude, OMC, Bombardier. All the same company now. I'd guess it would be a couple of hundred hours to get it broken in right... which is a lot more time on the water than you would think. Four hours a weekend is a lot for most folk.

    With good maintanance records, I'd feel safe, if the price was right.

    If anything is wrong, its most likely from a hard grounding and not an element of the engine design.
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