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...So I'm on vacation here in Maple Falls, WA. Got here about a week ago and I did alittle bit of fishing. Didn't get skunked, but didn't do great either. SO for an early B-day present(DON'T ASK!), I went out and picked up a new fishing rig, too good a price to walk away from. SO now I'm chomping at the bit to fish again! Well it's been raining the last 2 1/2 days, but forecast for the next 3 days is sunny. So I went down to the ONLY store in the area that deals with fishing lic.s and THEIR SYSTEM IS DOWN!! Closest next place is 50 minutes away ...one way! ...Grrrr!
...Didn't the news say the North Koreans launched a cyber attack on govt. agencies? "IF" they attacked the Washington State Fish & Game system I say NUKE EM NOW!!! ...[:D] [:D] [;)]


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