never used a crankbait.....

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Just wondering, do you need a weight when using a crankbait?


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    No, the crankbait is the weight. The bait uses the design of the bill, weight, design of the body(solid, hollow, ect) to make its movement through the water. Speed can be a factor on how deep it dives. If your new to them. Read up on tweaking them, I am sure google will help you there. I don't use them too often. However, you may need to tweak them just a little to get them to run true.
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    Thanks for the info. The package told me how to tweek it, but not if I should a weight. I guess they didn't expect a beginner to buy it.[;)]
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    My answer would be sometimes... Most often no, but in a few cases I use a weight.

    We often use a weight ahead of the crankbait on Lake Superior for trolling Lk Trout. Usually in the 1 oz range for trolling.

    We also run a 3-way rig on the river for walleye. In heavy current sometimes up to 5 oz to get the desired performance.
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    Make sure to vary your retreives. Just don't throw it out and reel it in. Do something diffrent that will trigger a strike. Stop, start, rod twitch, speed up slow down. Don't always follow the rules. I have caught a lot of bass on a hard surface "clay" flat 2' to 4' deep cranking a deep diver so that it is digging dirt the whole way in. Just fish it and have fun that is what fishing is all about. If you hang it up on a rock or something slack line it for a second and they will back off lots of times. Line size and casting distance makes a big diffrence in crankbait fishing. As far as the Tweek goes nothing gets me fired up more than crankbaits that refuse to be tweaked. I have more problems with Wiggle Warts great luck with Lucky Craft, Bandits and Norman Little N . It is just a matter of choice and what you have confidence in.
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    Liv2Fish, I liked that "Bandit",the bass stay on better than a lot of others such as a "Wee-R". Mighty fine crank baits!
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    If you have an Academy Outdoors store around go check out their H20 line of crankbaits, they are just as nice as Lucky Crafts but about 1/5th of the price.
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