I.D. theese Old Fishing Lures

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Found these in an old garage this morning. anyone have any idea how old they are?





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    C'mon now..Everyone knows those are hula-poppers from the late 80's. I'll give you 2 bucks apiece if you'll pay the shipping!?![;)]

    Serious now, I tried to look up the shakespeare in my book for ya but its not in the one I have....
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    Hello--I am happy to try and ID your baits:

    The bigger ones looks to be a Shakespeare Kazoo Wobbler. Many of them were made starting in the 1930's.

    The other lure looks to be a Creek Chub Injured Minnow. Depends on the length of it as to what model it really is. There were millions of the made in many sizes and color patterns. Therefore, not worth a great deal.

    It is fair to say that many companies made models to look like the products of the better known companies. Yours could also be one of those knockoffs. Really hard to tell with just the couple of pictures--even in hand, it might be hard. Shakespeare and Creek Chub are not my special area of interest.

    Just trying to help some--maybe others will step-up with additional info for you. Good luck..
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