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Girl gone wild

mrbrucemrbruce Member Posts: 3,374
edited February 2010 in The Fishing Hole!
A friends daughter showed a interest in fishing so I hit the local sport store and spotted a pink rod with a nice spinning reel that seemed to have her name on it. I bought it along with a casting weight for practice... She worked at it on her back lawn for a few days until I could get a chance to take her to my private fishing hole on my property...
This girl don't mess around, after a few Sunny's at the dock, we hopped into the boat.
I rigger her up with a deep diver and in a matter of minutes she had a really nice Largemouth Bass in the boat with out any of my help. No squealing, or trying to tip the boat over, she just got to cranking on her new spinning reel that the guy at the store said she wouldn't be able to use because of being 10 years old and never tried one before.. Little did he know of just exactly what she's made of...
Used it as good as I use mine, with no problem at all..
Seems happy enough to me.[:D]


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