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took my new boat out

joshmb1982joshmb1982 Member Posts: 8,228 ✭✭
edited August 2010 in The Fishing Hole!
well new to me[:D] i told my grandfather i was looking at boats so he said he wanted to pay for it (honest). So he bought the boat ($750) and i bought all the other stuff that wed need. New seats, 40lb thrust trolling motor, fish finder, life jackets... Took it out on a lake nearby saturday evening after work with my grandfather and father. got out there around 5:30pm and got it back on the trailer just before total darkness. Had a blast. caught nothing but sunfish and 1 small perch. My grandfather is the biggest smartass i know and he was in rare form last night. joking around giving me and my old man a good razzing. Plus he took me to school. he probably caught 3 fish to my 1. though it didnt help i was taking all the fish off for him[;)]. he had fun and that made my night. hes been going through some crud lately and was good to see him laughing and enjoying himself. plus being out there was just plain relaxing. everything worked like it should, nothing leaked, sunfish kept me busy, was very happy with how everything worked. it was a good night. hopefully will do a re-peat next weekend.
how are all you guys doing? catching anything good lately?


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