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New Boat.

topdadtopdad Member Posts: 3,408 ✭✭
edited March 2011 in The Fishing Hole!
Took my new boat out this afternoon for the first time, and
was quite pleased. The old boat was a 12'fiberglass hull with
the old 9.9 E-rude, and although it did me well for many years
it was just too small. When the kids were small, me and one of
the kids could fish out of it quite well, but with two adults
a bait bucket, tackle box, rods, anchor, and everything else
it was just too small. Not too mention a little rough chop and
it was scary as all get out. The new one, ( well new to me)
is a 16' aluminum semi-V, with a 15hp.Honda 4 stroke, also
about 2' wider. She runs like a top, and is very quiet compared
to the two stroke. It handles well, and did not get even a
drop of spray in the boat. I was afraid that with the hull
being that much larger than the old one, the 15 hp. might
not move out as well as the old E-rude 9.9, but that was not
the case at all. With just me in the boat, it seemed to run
about the same top end speed, but when my 190 lb. son got in
the old boat with me, it cut the speed by almost half ( just
barely could stay on a plane) I don't think the added weight
will have the same effect on the larger hull ( I don't think
the larger aluminum hull is much if any heavier than the smaller
glass hull) Tommorow we might find out for sure.
With excess funds a thing of the past, I had to do some trading
to get this. I gave the guy my Browning A-bolt stalker,7mm,mag
and a new 22lr Henry lever gun for it, and ended up having to
do a fairly major overhall on the trailer but all in all I'm
very happy with the deal. Now we just need to catch some fish.


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