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Drug by a Jug

shellitoutshellitout Member Posts: 345 ✭✭✭
edited August 2011 in The Fishing Hole!
Talking about fish stories, I've got one to this day that no one
ever believes. Even having my Dad and my son as witnesses
does'nt help. Anyway, it was a couple of years ago. My Father and
my son and I were just cruising around in the boat joy riding
on the lake when my father spots a loose jug moving at a pretty high
rate of speed through the water. Now I'm not the type to pick up
or check another mans fishing jug, but I new that this jug could have been clear across the lake at the rate of speed it was moving. Any way, my Dad pulled the boat up close to it and I jumped in and grabed the handle on the jug. Yep, that sucker kept on truckin. Now I weigh 238lbs. I could'nt stop it for nothing. My Dad had to get in front of me with the boat so I could use it for leverage, but to no avail. I put both hands on the jug and even put my feet on the side of the boat, and when the jug starting going under the boat it snapped. I still have the jug and a partial hook to prove it. Some say it could have been a gator. I'm glad I never cought what it was!!


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