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I like crappie fishing. Where in Oregon near Salem can one go to catch good size crappie?


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    I just read in a saltwater magazine that thin superlines like "Spiderwire" sing in strong currents and * fish. Any truth to it?
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    I have a 18 ft. center console w/o trolling motor that I bought for salt water Striper fishing. Stripers run from Nov. to March here in N.C. and I am looking to zone in on some other salt water inshore fish that would be fun to go after the rest of the time. I usually fish the Outer Banks area, but would try anywhere. I need advice of where to go,when and how to fish em. Any Ideas.
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    I imagine that would depend on how much tension is on the line and the speed of the current. Spiderwire has very little stretch to it so I can see how a vibration might be induced by the current. I use 6lb Stealth braid on my downrigger/trolling rods and haven't had any problems.
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