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First Alaskan King Salmon

norcal mtn flyernorcal mtn flyer Member Posts: 3 ✭✭
edited October 2011 in The Fishing Hole!
Out-of-state fishing license= $245, specialized tackle= $50, catching my first Alaskan King Salmon= PRICELESS!!!

Took about 5 minutes to land the thing, and it was only a small 17#er. With others catching 30-50# nearby, I was tempted to let it loose instead of claiming it. But no way I could give up my first! So from now on, I will be selective about the fish I keep.

Usually fish for trout in NorCal or CO, and bass in TX, but my job has taken me to AK for the summer. Might as well fish! The trout fishing has been awesome here, but now the Kings are running, fishing has taken on a whole new dimension! The season isn't long, just 2 weeks to go and only open on weekends, but then come the Silvers, then the reds, the chum, and the pinks... Guess the next month or so is going to be VERY busy...


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