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Fish Story

William81William81 Member Posts: 24,754 ✭✭✭✭
edited October 2012 in The Fishing Hole!
Here we go....I was fishing on the Rock River in Northern Illinois. Located less than a quarter mile from my office, I tend to fish often on my lunch hour and 3-4 nights a week on my way home...I fish mainly for Smallmouth Bass, but catch a lot of Walleyes and Northerns.

The water is real low so I was out on some exposed rocks and out another 15-20 feet from me was another gentleman. The smallies were biting well and people were catching some walleyes also.

The other gentleman hooked into a huge walleye. He finally got it up on the rock he was standing on and the hook came out. He jumped on it and it fell back into the water with him holding on to it. Next thing I knew he was head down also with most of his torso in the water and his legs were still on the rock.

I threw my pole down and headed over to help him as I was afraid he was stuck due to the current moving around the rock. At the last second and half a step before I jumped in he popped up and pulled himself out. He lost the walleye....

We talked when he got himself back off the rocks...he thanked for for heading over to help...Biggest Walleye I have ever seen..28 to 30" well over 10 pounds.

I told the poor guy he lost the biggest Walleye I ever saw and I lost $10,000 for not getting the whole thing on video. I was just glad he was OK and I did not have to go in after him.
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