Shakespeare Service GE. How to cast it.

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https://s25.postimg.org/eynutsh9b/reel_ls.jpgreel_rs_2.jpgThe crank handle doesn't disengage? Release the backlash lever & cast?
What is the button on the left side for? Push it forward the reel clicks when the handle is turned.
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    Hello - there are three basic types of spool release. The lever type as in your photo [img][/img]20170127_132018.jpgupload gif from url [img][/img]20170127_132138.jpgupload a picture the "button" type on the right as in the Abu Garcia Ambassadeur -
    [img][/img]20170127_132257.jpgfree jpeg imagesand the "over-the-spool" type as in the Pinnacle Vision VZ-20. The "star-drag" is next to the handle - which you adjust to allow the fish to take line instead of breaking it.

    The "button" on the left side that you mention is a "clicker". If you cast out a catfish bait - turn the handle to engage the spool - and turn the "clicker" on - if a fish takes the bait and starts to move off - the sound will let you know - use "circle" hooks and don't try to set the hook - just take up the slack and put tension on the line - the hook will most likely set in the corner of the mouth. (See New Years Catfish by PacMan.)

    To practice casting - put a small ball of modeling clay or silly putty on a yard stick - bring the yard stick back to the 2-O'clock position and try "flicking" it off. When you are going to cast - release the spool with the lever - put your thumb lightly on the spool - and do just like you did with the yard stick. If you have everything adjusted correctly - it will take very little pressure with your thumb to prevent a backlash.

    Best of luck - catch a large catfish for me - best regards - AQH
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