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Barbless hooks

pricklypearpricklypear Member Posts: 362 ✭✭✭
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I used to fish for brook trout when I was younger. I caught and kept the limit for the frying pan no matter the size. I haven't wet a hook in more than twenty years but I want to trout fish again. The place I would like to fish is catch and release only which is all new to me. I have a spinning rod that I would like to use but I don't want small fish to swallow the hooks so I would appreciate any advise you have on what size hooks to use and any other tips anyone would care to share about this kind of fishing.


  • mrbrucemrbruce Member Posts: 3,374
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    A circle hook is the best bet to keep fish from swallowing
    the hook..... I would even bend or cut the barb off for additional help to prevent damage...
  • AdamsQuailHunterAdamsQuailHunter Member Posts: 1,707 ✭✭✭
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    Hello - my brother and my nephew fly fish in north Georgia in some areas that are catch-&-release. They mash the barbs down on the hooks with hemostats that they also use to disgorge the hook. You can also use flies with a spinning reel. There is a clear plastic bobber that you fill with water and the fly with whatever amount of "leader" you want goes after the bobber. This gives you enough weight to cast the "rig" with your spinning rod-&-reel. I use this set-up with a "mini" rod-&-reel to fish for pan-fish on the Suwannee River in Florida. Best Regards - AQH
  • pricklypearpricklypear Member Posts: 362 ✭✭✭
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    It will start getting below freezing at night and later on it won't warm up much during the day. Do you think trout will take a fly in colder weather? I'm certainly willing to give it a try.
  • AdamsQuailHunterAdamsQuailHunter Member Posts: 1,707 ✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    Hello - fly patterns that resemble insects probably will not work well in the winter in northern waters. They still work reasonably well in Florida during the winter months.

    There are fly patterns that resemble minnows - many include "flash" materials that give a "sparkle" like the light reflecting off of scales. Perhaps these would still be good in northern waters during the winter months as trout still have to eat during the winter.

    But then again you have to remember that I do my fishing in Florida and have no experience fishing in northern waters.

    Best Regards - AQH
  • ZinderblocZinderbloc Member Posts: 925 ✭✭✭✭
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    I have fished exclusively with barbless hooks for the last few seasons. You can buy them online from several sources. I rarely have a fish swallow a hook, but when I do I simply clip the line. I'm told by authorities that this is better than trying to dig the hook out.
  • asopasop Member Posts: 8,286 ✭✭✭✭
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    Fished in Canada for many years with "barbless" hooks. NEVER lost a fish! How effective are barbs anyway? Tough on the fish if down deep[:(!]
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