Fishing pole repair.

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Anyone know a good site?

My wife has a custom 9'6" lightweight pole an ex got her years ago. Has her name on it and everything. (FAirly expensive combo with the reel). Anyhow we just got back from a weeklong trip to Canada where we spent a good portion of our time fishing and her pole got broken.

The good news is that it is a 2 piece rod and just the top piece got broken. The handle section the holes the reel is 100% fine.

Where can I find a replacement piece and what info do I need to pick out the right size? Fixing a rod is new to me as I've only ever had cheapo walmart rods that got replaced when broken.

Thanks for any advice.


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    Hello - "Mudhole" <commercial company> has rod building supplies. Depending on the type of damage - you might find it less expensive to make a new upper section than someone trying to "fix" the original upper section.

    That being said "substituteteacher" on this site has built 4-weight fly rods for me. Unfortunately - I don't have his contact information readily available - but if I find it - I will post it back here for you.

    Edit - I forgot to mention - if you still have the broken part of the rod - you can measure the diameter of the rod at the broken area with a micrometer <if you don't have one - you can get one that will work for your needs at Harbor Freight> and get a furrule of the proper diameter - cement each end - and the rod is repaired - just has an extra section.

    Best Regards - AQH

    Edit Again - OK - I now have his contact information.

    I would be happy to try and repair it for him. Where is he located and have him contact me at this email. ([email protected])
    Thanks - Don Worley."
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    Got it. Thank you much.
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    Hello - tomorrow (October 8) will be 45 days since your response - Mr. Worley has not been contacted. Do you no longer need his services?? Did you find a way to repair it yourself??

    Best Regards - AQH
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