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My thoughts

Da-TankDa-Tank Member Posts: 4,074
edited March 2006 in US Military Veteran Forum
Well I've been told I'm unique in my oppion. Nam was mostly fun, not all of it but most. got there in Aug. '65 stayed till Jan 1 '69 ..
Stationed waywhere from Da-Lat north to camp Evans. Spent '68 TET in Hue " Thats when I started not liking it." The comradrie was special and allways will be. Nam was yesterday in my mind. Nam was good to me and still is in some ways. Can't get near the wall for breaking down. Yes I still cry for those guys and the MIA's. Just buryed a Nam friend last summer, Like so many others before him, he got killed in Nam, Agent Orange ate him alive slowly. Just would not fall over for the Goverment. I shake like a leaf in a tornado, Have a very spoty memory,and just slitly crazy. Would I do it again? YES even knowing what I know today.(witch ain't much)


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