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How many of you remember around 1980 or 81 when Bobby R. GARWOOD came out of Nam??? If you remember our other POWs came out in 72 and 73, so where was this guy?? He wrote a book and claimed he was a captive since 68, and was in forced labor at many small POW camps throughout Viet Nam. What we knew for sure was that he was a USMC Corporal captured around Quang Nghi provence. It had been reported he was collaberating with the enemy by interrogating American POWs, leading the NVA/VC on raids and ambushes against the Americans, and tortureing and killing American POWs. Several times we thought we had killed him on raids, but apperantly not. Anyway, around 1984 he was on some TV documentry leading a UN or USA team on tv to his old places of confinment. He couldn't locate them!!

Any of THIS bring back old memories???


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