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Combat Vets Only!

Bopeep2Bopeep2 Member Posts: 64 ✭✭
How about someone knowing where the rubber meets the road? How about chattin' with someone who has no freakin' idea what you're talkin' about? How about talkin' to me in a foreign language? Yeah, that's the ticket.....let's invite all who want to come, regardless of the language they speak, let's by all means be ALL INCLUSIVE! To what end? I ain't got anything against the person who didn't serve or who did, but didn't see me, they might as well be deaf and dumb. I ain't got nothin' to appologise for and maybe nothin' to brag about either.....but, Iam PROUD of my combat experience and I'm choosy about who I share it with! AIRBORNE!!!!!!!


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