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It's "Military Assistance Command VietNam Studies and Observation Group" Check out this website:

G. Taylor
82nd Airborne
1/505 & 1/505


  • Gdt928Gdt928 Member Posts: 9 ✭✭
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    Hi all I wanted to know more about MAC V SOG. I have read a few personal accoutns of those who have served in Vietnam and some about MAC V SOG. I wanted to know if anyone served or knows of anyone. I dated a girl who's father served two and half tours in Vietnam and never really talked to his daughter or son but knew that I was a military history guy and told her to tell me he would talk to me about Vietnam anytime I wanted to. She told me that she was shocked about that because he would never talk about it even when they had questions. I did get to see some pictures of him and his wife in Vietnam. She was some kind of soldier from what I understand with the CIA or something. The patch I saw on his BDU was a sword with what looks like two walls. I do have this patch on my M65 field jacket and I get stopped all the time buy guys asking about it. I tell them this is me showing my support for those that served in Vietnam because they would be the only ones to know what the patch ment. I think her dad saw the patch on my jacket and that might be why he said I could ask him anytime. We dated for six years and I never did ask. He did tell me something but I never pushed for answers or any questions. I would like to know more about SOG and the patches. Thanks to all those serving and who has served.
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