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jeffie076jeffie076 Member Posts: 1,965 ✭✭✭✭✭
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In my childhood I watched the VN war on tv at night with my parents. '67-'68-'69 and in my childs mind all I could say was "I want to be a soldier" I wanna fight with these soldiers, I wanna blast an m-60, I watched as you came home and were treated like s**t, my uncle served 2 tours, he came home with scars you could see and some you can't. I watched him hit the ground when someone tossed an m80 firecracker at a 4th of july party, I could'nt understand this until many years later. I still wanted to be a soldier in my teenage years, but due to a medical condititon my hopes to be a soldier were crushed. Over the years I have met some VN vets, and have made some very close friendships with these guys, I don't ask for storys, they have told me few,if any. When the Moving wall came to our town, the wife and I looked for a relative of one of my vet friends and found it, made the tracing for him and then stood back and saw all of the names and said "They are all heros" we said a silent prayer. One of the guys I worked with was a VN vet, 3rd Marines. we were friends, he commited suicide. another name on the wall was my way of thinking. I want to THANK ALL OF YOU who served, and I know it's long overdue, WELCOME HOME! Also a toast, "TO THOSE WHO CAN'T BE HERE"
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