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Just a ground rule.

dheffleydheffley Member Posts: 25,000
Per posting guidlines, we will keep everything respectful and cival here. That means no name calling or threats. That doesn't mean that an anti-war post will be deleted. Opinions vary deeply on this conflict, even from those who fought in it.

I don't expect many problems, but I won't have any soldier, living or not, disrespected here. I believe there was honor in the blood they spilled and the service they gave.

If there is an offensive post that I miss, you can email me through gunbroker, or you can always send it directly to my email address at,

Thanks in advance for your help and cooperation.


In addition, I want to add that there will be no posts allowed that phish for personal information. Feel free to ask questions about the war, but not to attempt to gather personal information on ones service.
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