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Army Co D 4th batt 12th inf 199th inf brig light

opieoneopieone Member Posts: 103 ✭✭
edited March 2008 in US Military Veteran Forum
First, I just want to say thanks to all you vets.
But one of my best friend's brother served in vietnam in 1968, he passed away some years ago, and my buddy has his Bronze Star with a V.
The letter with it states(more or less) on May 6,1968
(His name)Pfc.E-3 US Army Company D 4th Battalion 12th infantry 199th brigade (seperate) (light)

That his unit came under heavy fire by an entrenched enemy and the forward soldiers and wounded were pinned down by enemy fire. He went in on an APC and was carrying wounded back under fire to the APC.It to was being hit so he followed it back on foot using an M-79 grenade launcher to cover their exit while disregarding his own safety.
My friend is interested in finding out more about his brother's service in vietnam.
I thought maybe someone here may have been there or remembered him. Although I'm not sure how to find more without giving his name?

Thank you all


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