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Good story in Sept 2008 American Hunter

Old GunnyOld Gunny Member Posts: 193 ✭✭
edited November 2008 in US Military Veteran Forum
NRA magazine. 'Nam Vet. (USMC- Hoo-Rah) talks about patrol, he was slack man and saw two black muzzles on his right hand side- being a Northpaw and carrying his M-14, he had learned from his father- a WW11 Vet (USA Big Red One- Ft. Benning) ETO- how to shoot with a Winchester pump shotgun from either shoulder. His dad lost partial sight of his right eye in WW11- and instead of giving up, taught himself to shoot from the left shoulder. His son Casey learned that-Good lesson, as he switched his M-14 to the left side, had a selector and dumped out two bursts point-blank into the jungle cover.

True to type, the NVA had staked out that area- and also true to life, never tried to ambush us unless they had superior numbers. Pinned down in a Hellacious firefight- the numbnutz 2nd. Looie platoon commander wanted to grab the Prick-25 and call in artillery. Fortunately, the platoon sgt., a seasoned Gunny on his second tour in "Uncle Ho's Playground- in this case 1 Corps, poop canned the "Butter Bar's" plan and called in a PAS (Precision Air Strike)- game over, parts and pieces of "Charlie" and their AK-47's and SKS were scattered from Hell to Breakfast-

Also true to life-after Casey rotated back to "The World" and he and his Dad were out duck hunting together, he never asked his Dad about WW11 and his Dad never asked him about The 'Nam- that's how I knew it was for real. Thanks to ALL of our Vets-we just had my beloved Corps' 233rd- and then Veterans Day- Semper Fi, and for Andy and Tim from my Team- Celeritus, Silentius, Moratius- O.G.
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