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contact your VA rep

bigchillymnbigchillymn Member Posts: 19 ✭✭
edited March 2009 in US Military Veteran Forum
Greeting to all my fellow vets. I am not a combat vet, but I hope it is all right to use this forum to persuade all vets to contact their va rep. After 35 years I finally contacted mine, and found I could have been receiving free medical,(I receive 10 percent service connected disability)plus other benefits. I was probably informed of this as a young man, but for one reason or another never went back to the VA. I got mailings from the DAV and va over the years and pretty much just filed them. I was informed that no matter how many times my rep contacts people by phone or by mailings they never come in to fill out the paper work. This took a total of ten minutes and they do it for you.We all have our reasons for not registering with the VA. You may be eligible for benefits, maybe not,you will never know unless you check it out. Remember this is not a hand out, no matter what rank you were, what branch you were in, or where you served, these are benefits we all have EARNED. Thank you for providing a forum for this posting
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