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Early Marines in Vietnam

reb62reb62 Member Posts: 2 ✭✭
edited July 2009 in US Military Veteran Forum
Greetings all,

I am researching info on the first Marines in Vietnam. Just a few questions about historical accuracy of field gear used, variations and modifications?

1. M-1955 flak vest - When and where was the 1st type w/o button pockets issued and when was the 2nd type upgrade with button pockets issued.

2. When were the Mitchell helmet covers issued to the first Marines in Vietnam?

3. When did the Marines get issued the M14/E2 and what was the load compliment for the E2 gunner as apposed to the grunt with the standard M14?

4. When and where were the Marines issued the 1st type LAW rocket in Vietnam?

5. When and where did the first Marines transition from the Vibram sole jungle boot from the standard leather boot.

6. Looking for information on the average items in packed in the haversack back pack when carried?

7. When were the first Marines issued the M60 MG and how long was the Browning 1919 continued to be used? Also, was the 1919 still in 30.06 or were they converted to .308 or both?

Much appreciated and thank you to all of our vets.

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