Honor and Trust...

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Back around October/November (When I still had some money), I was at my local pawnshop looking at stuff.

As I was about to leave, a great big guy - maybe 6'4 and 350 came into the shop carrying a rifle case, so I hung around to see what was in it. He was wearing a real beat-to-death Vietnam Vet ball cap.

He had an M-77 Ruger in 7MM Rem Mag in the case, with a mid-range priced scope on it.

The pawnbroker asked how much he needed and the guy said $250. The VA had just approved his disability claim and he hadn't got the check yet, and he needed the money to go to Southern Oregon to attend an important function for his Daughter.

The pawn guy offered him something like $85 to pawn it. The guy was very disappointed and left.

I followed him and offered to loan him the money, 'cause I've been where he was. I had $260 in my pocket and handed it to him. He tried to give me the rifle and I turned him down. I didn't even get his name, but I gave him a bank deposit slip and told him to put the money in my account when he had it.

I figured that it was a gift.

Today he called me.

The money has been deposited in my account.

Was I naive and too trusting ??

Like I said, I thought of it as a gift.

He is a Man of Honor and a Man of his Word.

His name is Mike Reed (Ried ??) and he lives around McMinnville OryGun somewhere.

If you run into Mike, tell him you know Doug Wilson, and he's welcome to my place - ANYTIME.


You don't know it, but the money really helped me out.

Best regards,

Doug Wilson


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