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VA Health Care stolen

mwhite95337mwhite95337 Member Posts: 16 ✭✭
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All, please read. I'm a 20 year Navt Vet 70% disabled, and about a couple of weeks ago on Talk radio a nurse asked a Democrate pushing for this Healt Care Bill a question. His answere made me sad, and Very pissed and concerned to boot. The question pposed was just where do you think your going to find the hospital space to work on all of the new influx of folks you are planning to put on this Bill. His statement. Well, we plan on using the Va facilities as they are center in every major Metro area and are really not used much, and as they sit idle it is a big waste of the tax payers dollar. You can bet he never spent a day in our boots, and has no clue to just how jamed most VA facilities really are.
Just a head's up in what may lie in our near future.


  • CbtEngr01CbtEngr01 Member Posts: 4,340
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    I didn't really see that coming.
  • aap2aap2 Member Posts: 203 ✭✭✭
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    As bad as the proposed healthare bill is, I seriously doubt that non-vets will be using VA hospital facilities anytime soon. The only time that non-vets are seen in the VAmc system is when they are "collaterals" of veterans (ie a wife, girlfriend, etc who needs to be seen in order to help a vet get treatment.) A while back there was a proposal to let the dependents of VA patients use VA facilities; it was soundly defeated.
  • mwhite95337mwhite95337 Member Posts: 16 ✭✭
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    Tonight, on National TV a congresman stated, in a 1 min. speech the folowing: If this Bill passes you will have undid all of the work our forefathers have put together to ensure that our VETRANS who were injured in the LINE OF DUTY are taken care of in V.A. Medical Facilities. This Bill removes all of that care and is unqonciable and inconcievable that you would do such a demeaning thing to our countries VETRANS. Know, I'm not sure exactly what the gentelman is refering too but my gut feeling is he read some langauge in the BIll that strips the VA down to nothing, as under the new Bill they would be covered there and as such will not need the VA Pensions, or V.A. Medicaal services. This must be why the other congressman a couple of weeks ago said that we would load the VA hospitals up with everyone, not just VETS. Remember, these folks are not rational in there thinking. They plan on stripping money from the wealthy and giving it too the poor and downtrodden, Nancy has already stated this fact. Tonght, a Republican congressman stated that they are working towards getting Her FIRED for the poop she is pulling.Actualy he was nice and said retired. PAy Attention here folks or loose it. It aint over yet.
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