Funerals, How many hate to go

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After coming home, I never could get myself to go to funerals. I was sick of death, dying and the like. It became a phobia. I had to force myself to go to Relative's funerals, but Would never view the body. I would go to the chapel, church or graveside for the ceremony, no viewing for me. Never was that way before I saw so many dead bodies.

I cannot even bring myself to go to the Veterans Day Celebrations. Anyone else in this same boat. I sometimes feel that people think I am rude, but it just haunts me.


  • Ray BRay B Member Posts: 11,822
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    Very rarely do I ever go to funerals, weddings, or visit new-born babies in the hospital; it's all about the same to me.
  • Byron R. EnglerByron R. Engler Member Posts: 20 ✭✭
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    I say amen to that. I do not like alot of people around either. Weddings and Hospital visits bother me also. I was thinking it was maybe just me. Thanks for the reply. Gave me more of a reality check. Family thinks I am nuts, I guess they do not realize PTSD is a metal condition. Stopped trying to explain it to wife and kids long ago.
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    I could not go to either of my parents funerals. I was funeral escort for 22 of the guys I was stationed with and got my fill of it.
    Not sure if I'll go to my own[xx(]
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    Kinda nice to know I'm not the only one, I haven't been to a funeral in 20 yrs, and anyone who knows me knows I wont be their physically,
    but my heart and soul is mourning.
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    I'm not going to my own if I can help it...
    Retired LEO
    Combat Vet VN
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    No funerals and no weddings. My 2 cents [8D]
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    I can go to a graveside service if I think it will be supportive of family or friends. Going to viewings at a funeral home are just plain creepy to me.
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    i can't go to funerals myself it brings back too manybad memorys. i also can't go see people who are dieing it tares my guts out
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    It has been difficult for me also.I've felt for several years that I would like to volunteer for the honor guard at the national cemetary near my home.Now that I am retired I did volunteer.Coincidently,I went today to observe ceramonies as part of the training and could not stop a tear from forming.I'm not an emotional guy but it brought back memories,sad memories.
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    . Anyone else in this same boat. I sometimes feel that people think I am rude, but it just haunts me.

    The last service I attended was June 1966 and as several have said when it's my time they will have to put me in a box and nail the lid down tight
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    None of us like to go to a funeral. I consider it an obligation & a final show of respect. Eddie life member NRA & VFW
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    Only thing worse than a funeral is a wedding.
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    spent two tours as a UH1C gunship (Da Nang and he Sahn)combat pilot and can"t figure ut what the hell you are so wound about! I go to them all to remember what we all were doing and to not forget them. Do what you wish.......but don't forgt them. I truely don't believe most on this sight have ever been there and simply are playing a game.....you are found out by these kinds of comments about fallen commrads.
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    BR549...what bad memories of a funeral do you harbor? Me thinks you are a wanna be!
  • joker19joker19 Member Posts: 110 ✭✭
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    Byron, what an absolute crock of poop! No one could have seen the bodies on the scale you say you have. I spent two tours in I corps and mostly in Khe Sahn and Dong Ha in a combat unit and saw maybe 50 at the most. Where in the hell would you a an individual soldier seen this kind of body count? Other than the Ah Drang and Tet 68 Khe Sahn and the Citadel would this body count come into sight. I had a BC of 221 and never saw more than 5 of them. I think you are a little bit of an exageration!
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    joker19....." Methinks the lady doest protest too much ". If you're not familiar with this line from Shakespeare, it means that those who protest too loudly aren't sincere. Methinks thou doest protest too much. For what it's worth, I dread going to funerals, even wondering what I will do if other Vietnam Veteran friends pass on before I do. Haven't decided yet. Oops, guess that makes me a wannabe. Wonder where all of these memories came from......

    Remember this: "you are found out by these kinds of comments about fallen commrads."

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