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Vets opinion on US trade with China, Russia

jl10jl10 Member Posts: 2 ✭✭
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I am not a Vietnam Vet (Born in mid 80's) but have studied the war to some degree in school. I wanted to know what Vietnam Vets feel about China (still communist structured and vertical, totalitarian) being our biggest trade partner, the fact that we do a lot of business with Russia (even though the USSR collapsed). Does this make vets question our involvement in Vietnam, why we were there (stopping the spread of Soviet and Chinese communist sphere of influence) or completely the opposite. Very interested in hearing your opinions on how our economic model relates to the legacy and memory of Vietnam


  • Alan RushingAlan Rushing Member Posts: 9,002 ✭✭
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    We have fought many wars: W W I and II, VN and continuing at least in Iraq and Afghanistan to protect the freedoms and rights of Capitalism. To assure, guarantee and enforce the privilege of American business to do their thing any where in the world that they wish to turn a trick buck. And to protect American business "interests" from even the slightest scrutiny of their practices, given them here within the States.

    While the USA was "neutral" before entering the W W s, American business interests were doing well, making a nice profit, selling goods to both sides of the conflict. That is why the US was so late in entering the W W s.

    Try and see if you can find any recent wars that the US has been involved in that American business did not benefit and turn a great profit? It can be difficult for some to have qualms or ethics or scruples while the money is rolling in.

    So, with American blood being spilled to protect American Capitalism I would expect American business to continue profiting any where and every where possible.

    If you want to look at trade with China ... you may well want (or not!) to look at the amount of money our government (both parties ...this did not start yesterday!) has borrowed from China, in order to buoy our economy and hopefully prevent a complete economic melt-down here. Worse yet, check to see what our IOU tally to China, is right now! Part of the interest agreed upon behind closed doors has been increasing American business trading and profiting in China.
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