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71st Assault Helicopter Company Reunion

Jim RauJim Rau Member Posts: 3,550
edited May 2010 in US Military Veteran Forum
I just got back from the reunion in Nashville. We had a GREAT time. I saw some guys I had not seen in 40+ years. Many I wanted to see did not make it this time! If you have any unit associations I would suggest you try and set up a reunion or some type of get together![8D]


  • 70-10170-101 Member Posts: 1,006 ✭✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    It must be great to see those you served with in person, and to hear their voices again after all these years. I chat with several guys I served with and exchanged a few recent pictures with them, but that's it.
  • Jim RauJim Rau Member Posts: 3,550
    edited November -1
    I found this association by accident while 'playing' on the computer on one of those long, cold, 12 hour night shifts in Alaska. But I missed the first few reunions and I don't intend to miss anymore if I can help it.[8D]
    Yes, it was good to renew some of the friendships I had back then and reminisce with those who shared a common bound.[:)]
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