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"Marxist" 60s Project

NOTPARSNOTPARS Member Posts: 2,081 ✭✭✭✭✭
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I grew up in the 60s (born in 55') and just missed the war. As a teacher, I try to bring balance to what Hollywood has poured into the kid's heads. In search of definitions for terms like "foo-gas," I stumbled across the "60s Project" which had a glossary of terms. While navigating the site, I realized that all the sources, articles, links, etc were from a very left-wing perspective (it was started, after all, by a college professor). I emailed and asked Kali Tal, who runs the site, if that was true. Instead of a straight answer, he wrote back, "To quote Che Guevara, 'I can't help it if reality is Marxist." I wrote back to say that I would take his response as a "yes" to my question and it was interesting that he quoted a mass murderer. Okay, is there a decent site to get a full glossary of terms used in Vietnam by soldiers? I checked two others and so far none even mentioned punji sticks.


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