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This is my first post. I wanted to introduce myself and did not see a thread that is dedicated to that sort of thing. I am a life long gun enthusiast and a Viet Nam era helicopter pilot. There seems to be a few here so a special hello to them. I flew slicks and guns in 69-70 for
B troop 1/9 1st Cav. I continued to fly both military, commercial, and corporate for a total of 42 years. I am catching my breath for the moment before my next adventure and I will enjoy reading your thoughts and occasionally making a comment.

Excuse me, I don't have a signature or a clever quote yet; but, in time, I suppose I will have them.
My best wishes to all,


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    Welcome Bob, I hope you will post here and over in the General Discussion forum also. Glad to have another brother among us.
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    Welcome to the asylum. Glad to have you Bro.[8D]
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    Thanks for the nice welcome.
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    Hi Bob,

    Nice to meet you..[8D]
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    Good morning USA,My name is mick and i served in the British Army in the 70s and early 80s,I had the privillage of serving along with the American Army in Germany.I met some vets when i was there had made friends with some of these guys.
    i served in Northern Ireland and lost of some very close friends.I have watched the ususl Docs and films about vietnam and the people that served.However i guess i want the real deal and would like to became buddies with some of you guys.
    i have been to the states on an exchange and stayed in a place called Great Falls Montana.I look upon the US Vets as brothers in arms and hope one day to visit Arlington and the Wall.
    I would also be privillaged to attend a reunion in the states.My uncle James served in Vietnam,he served with the British Army and reached the rank of Sgt Major,he then tranferred to Nz and served in Malaya on 3 tours,he was then selected as an advisor because of his experiencesoldiering in the jungle.So he was out in Vnam when the poop hit the fan.
    hope to hear from you guys soon.

    Aye Mick
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