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I have a set of those ceramic elephants that were made in Saigon and I shipped home in my hole baggage.
Does anyone have any idea of their worth on the open market. My wife seems to think they need to "go away" and I'm on a fence about them.[V]
Thanks for the help


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    Hoo man, I wish that I could tell you. I have a pair of them sitting here also, though my wife has not made any noises about getting rid of them. About half way between Saigon and Vung Tau there was an area where the Vietnamese baked these ceramic elephants in the ground. They made this earthen bunker-like ovens and they fired them with charcoal or something. The oven was about four or five feet wide, probably about 8 or 10 feet long. Part of the oven was below ground level, and then there was an arch-shaped top that was about 3 feet high. Smoke poured out the end of these baking ovens. I drove past these ovens during the day time and got a pretty good look at them, but unfortunately I did not stop to take a picture, nor look at them more closely. Now I wish that I had done so. I can't even recall how much I paid for my pair of elephants that I bought in Saigon. You might try doing a little internet research on "China Town" shopping, ceramic elephants, and so on.
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