1st Sgt Louis Janca - VC Bounty?

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I served with the 4th Infantry in the Central Highlands during 1969-70. Over the years, I have written stories about courageous women who served as civilians in Vietnam, most notably the Donut Dollies. I am currently engaged in writing the story of Gloria Redlin. Gloria worked as a nurse for Lutheran World Relief. It is commonly accepted that Gloria Anne Redlin and 1st Sergeant Louis Emil Janca were returning late at night to his MACV compound by moped from Dr. Pat Smith's hospital in Kontum City on October 13, 1970. On the way, they tried to run an ARVN roadblock, not knowing if it was friendly. Sergeant Janca was killed and Gloria Redlin was seriously wounded. She died of her wounds on October 21st.

In the course of my investigations, I have received information that suggests that there may be more to this story. I received an e-mail from the son of a comrade of Sergeant Janca. He indicated that his father would end his stories about Louis Janca with, "well somebody finally collected the bounty". His father used to have an old VC flyer with his name on it. The flyer offered a bounty, payable upon his death, of $20,000 in gold. His father believed that Louis Janca's name was on a flyer as well.

So what began as a quest to tell the story of a forgotten female veteran has ballooned into an odyssey to find the truth about the deaths of Louis and Gloria. Is it possible that SGT Janca was murdered for a bounty, due to his advisory role with the local population, and that his death was some form of retribution? I would appreciate whatever information you can provide with regard to the bounty issue.


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