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"The Missing Mamn Is Home"

edited June 2011 in US Military Veteran Forum
Second attempt. Waazzzupp? Don't like eulogizing-poems?
The Missing Man Is Home

The Missing Man Is Home, 2011

I saw the parade, I heard the trucks and motorcycles.
Although we only knew him as a name, as one we saluted.
Many of those who knew his part in the war shed tears,
for him being lost, and ourselves guilty to have survived.

There is deep fulfillment in knowing that our holding fast
has been rewarded now; a comrade at peace, at home.
There are more men to be to be found and returned, at last.
Our hearts burn with hope that each warrior's time will come

We could wish for a better peace -- peace all over the world,
but we who served as he did are too old to be belligerents.
We still know well how to pray, as we did for him. "Oh God...." all we can say, for it comes so readily to the lips.

To all of us much has been given;
from each of us much will be required.
Semper Fidelis
God, please bless all 'Nam Vets, and all others, too.
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